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Grain Bins

Types of Grain Bins we manufacture:

  • 4″ Corrugated Un-Stiffened Grain Bins – Generally used for Farm Based Grain Storage
  • 4″ Corrugated Stiffened Grain Bins – Generally used for larger and more demanding grain storage systems
  • 4″ Corrugated Commercial Grain Bins – Generally used for high volume, heavy duty grain processing and distribution

Our manufactured Grain Bins come standard with:

  • G115 (350 grams/M2 of zinc) galvanized steel. 28% more zinc protection than traditional Grain Bins
  • Larger 44” sidewall sheets with 4” corrugation improves grain flow, increases vertical strength and reduces build time
  • Access doors with 44″ or 66″ opening with bin step as standard
  • A 32.5o roof angle is standard for both structured and non-structured models with peak load capacities engineered as needed from 4 K to 30 K.
  • Farm-stiffened grain bins feature an innovative swedged joint that eliminates stiffener splices and reduces build costs
  • Commercial bins use a robust stiffener for additional strength and stability on taller and larger bin structures.
  • All designs stress tested with accurate calculations for wind, rooftop equipment loads and snow loads
Upgrades and Add-Ons
  • Roof ladders, handrails, stairs and platforms
  • Upgraded roofs and wind rings based on your climate
  • Side draw systems, aeration systems, unloading systems

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